Mycelium experiments

I have been experimenting with mycelium (vegetative part of mushrooms) cultivating it on hemp and cotton fabric scraps. Acting like a natural glue holding the substrate together, it can be moulded into almost any shape. Once dried, Mycelium has some incredible material properties: it is lightweight, water-and fire-resistant and biodegradable, adding nutrients to the soil. More to come soon..

Palais de Tokyo

I collaborated with Grace Pappas of the Aerocene foundation to bring Parsons Paris First Year students in my ‘Space/Materiality’ course to a workshop at Palais de Tokyo. Over three afternoons, students were introduced to the foundation’s open-source interdisciplinary exploration of environmental issues and had the chance to develop and build our project ‘Ephemeral Conditions’ in the workshop space of Tomás Saraceno’s exhibition ON AIR.

Participating students: Katarzyna Bylic, Aditi Manish Somani, Sanjana Ghosh, Araz Tapeh, Chia-Yu Hsu, Arya Savas, Maddie Hayes. Photos : Julien Mouffron-Gardner

Fabriqué à Paris

I am happy that a selection of my products are shown at the exhibition of the label 'Fabriqué à Paris'.

May 16th - June 23rd 2018 at Salon des Prévôts, Hôtel de ville, Paris 75004



For the final project of my Space/Materiality course at Parsons Paris I asked students to create ephemeral installations from found materials and objects.
The goal was to explore the aspect of time and to study how the materials interact with their surrounding space, as well as the role of the creator and the observer of the transitory mise-en-scène.

Ephemeral sculptures from reclaimed mirrors by Michelle Rios, Chloé Schuttermann & Tamara Bakarat

Paris Design Week

Once again, along with photographer Corinne Stoll I created a still life series. This time we were asked by Marcel by Galerie to mettre en scène the work of ceramists Cica Gomez, Emmanuelle Roule and Alison Thirion. The photographs will be shown during Paris Design Week: 'MATIERE À JEUX' 8 - 23. September 2017 at Marcel by Galerie (28 Rue Saint-Claude, 75003 Paris)

Exposition_MATIERE A JEUX_flyers_2.jpg

The Designer Studio @ D'Days Paris

I am happy to be part of «The Designer Studio», an event created and curated by Flash Design Store, Playground éditions et le Studio Marant. The exhibition will take place during this years Paris Design Festival «D'Day’s» from May 4 to 14 2017 at Le cœur 83 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris

The Weekender

View the Still Life Shooting I produced along with photographer Corinne Stoll in the beautiful German Magazine The Weekender. Order your print copy here.


I am excited to announce that Nomad will be shown during NYCxDesign at the American Design Club exhibition "Growth". May 7-15th, The Design Pavilion (Astor Place Plaza, NYC)

If you should happen to be in Berlin, my candleholders Labyrinthe are exhibited among other works from Parisian designers in the Museum of Decorative Arts until the end of this month. (Matthäikirchplatz, 10785 Berlin)

Finally, the Galerie Marcel by in Paris will present a new product I have been working on lately during the D'Days in the first week of June. (28 Rue Saint-Claude, 75003 Paris)

Piczine by Corinne Stoll

Piczine is a beautiful black and white magazine by photographer Corinne Stoll, a friend and fellow Swiss Parisian. She started in 2009 and has published 18 volumes since. I am happy to be in the most recent issue Old Lovewhere I talk about my love for vintage clothing and jewelry. You can get your copy at Ofr. 20 Rue Dupetit-Thouars, 75003 Paris.


The Loppist

The Loppist is a new design website from Sweden, something between a magazine and shop, I love how they share the designers stories and focus on how products are made. Discover their website, you can also read my interview or buy my candleholders.


Flash Design Store Paris

If you are in Paris and look for a special Christmas gift visit Flash Design Store December from 10-24

121 Rue Viellie du Temple, 75003 Paris