Miriam Josi was born in Berne, Switzerland. She has lived all over the globe and did her studies at the School of Fine Arts in San Juan, Puerto Rico, ENSCI-les Ateliers in Paris and Parsons The New School for Design in NYC, from where she graduated with honors.

Miriam Josi is the creative director and co-owner of the jewelry line Mimi Vert, as well as co-founder of the design studio The Garden Apartment.

Today she is based in Paris and works as an independent product designer.

Low-tech minimalism summarizes not only Miriam’s aesthetics but her overall design approach as well as the manufacturing processes she chooses for her products. She creates graphic and simply constructed objects with a human touch and likes to explore ways of customization through local small scale production. Specialized in accessories, she exhibits a universal sensibility for objects and a particular care for quality.

Her work references the Arts and Crafts Movement as well as Bauhaus’ philosophy and aesthetics. She also adopts elements from the Wabi Sabi ideology, such as the celebration of simplicity and handmade imperfection.

Her design approach is based on hands-on material exploration, with a focus on using reclaimed materials and minimal construction. She is intrigued by the play with color and transforming two-dimensional surfaces into three-dimensional shapes.

With a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, a particular interest in sustainability and the educational aspect of design, she likes to rethink her role as a designer. She aims to create products that last and whose design is open-ended, encouraging interaction on the user’s side.